Guest Info

Guests Are Welcome

It is our pleasure to welcome guests to Copper Hill Country Club. This golf club guest information is intended to enhance your experience while you visit. We are proud to offer you a quality Club experience consistent with the game’s tradition along with the highest dining standards. We hope you will enjoy your day with us.

Golf Club Guest Information

For your enjoyment and comfort we ask that you observe the following Club policies.

Dress Code

Golf Course

Members and guests are requested to observe good taste and to dress appropriately for the golf course. Appropriate golf footwear must be worn at all times, including non-metallic soft-spikes. Hats must be worn with the bill facing forward.


Pants or tailored golf shorts a minimum of 17 inches long but no longer than knee length. Cargo shorts are not allowed. Golf shirts with sleeves and collars, which must be tucked into pants or shorts at all times.


Pants, shorts or skirts a minimum of 17 inches long. Appropriate golf shirt with or without sleeves or collars. No tank tops or halter-tops are allowed.  

Restaurant and Bar


Normal golf attire is permitted in the Grill Room, Dining Room and patio for lunch. Men are requested to remove their hats when entering the dining areas. Workout attire or swimwear is not permitted.


Although normal golf attire is permitted for dinner in the Grill Room or patio, business casual dress is recommended and required for events in the dining room. Jackets for men are optional.

A golf club guest wearing acceptable golf attire as described in Copper Hill's golf club guest information.

Cell Phone Policy

The use of cell phones is permitted on Club property. However, as a courtesy to others, Members and their guests are expected to set phones to “vibrate” mode and excuse themselves from the dining and bar areas when receiving or placing calls. Members are further requested to limit their use of cell phones to “pressing situations” while on the golf course.

Golf club guests are welcome to enjoy the pristine facilities at Copper Hill Country Club.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Enjoy your day and visit us again soon.

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